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Welcome and shalom!

H a p p y   R o s h   H a S h a n a h - 5 772 

In the beginning, I ran Jewish Celiacs Newsletter (JCN) on a Yahoo server. Then, and shortly thereafter, I moved it to MSN Communities (now called MSN Groups) until I got tired of not being able to control the style and the content of my web site. So, I left the MSN Communities site (now called MSN Groups/JewishCeliacs) running and I moved on to AIT (Advanced Internet Technologies) where I stayed for several years. More recently (June 2006), I moved the whole operation to BlueHost (That's not a plug!) for financial reasons and I discovered more items to use with them.

This not only marks the launching of a new look (no more frames), but a new approach to how I present JCN. Instead of trying to come out every few months with a new online edition and a simultaneous and identical street edition, which was what I had planned to do when I started out in 2000, I more recently decided to put JCN out as a paper newsletter on-the-street, three times a year and make it available online in an "as-you-see-it-on-the-street" fashion too. The first three paper editions of the newsletter for 2006 are now available. Look to the upper right. (See Jewish Celiacs Newsletter, Street (Paper) Editions) You can also see the very first edition (2001). I initially intended it to be a paper edition, but I changed it to an online edition and it here appears as a paper edition with a link to the original online one. That's a mouthful. No?

The New JCN Approach

The easiest way to have had approached the whole situation as "chief cook and bottle washer," or as a "one-man-band," would have been to have made Jewish Celiacs Newsletter into an informational web site with an ongoing paper edition. Then, I would have been able to mail it to home and business readers and hand-deliver it to street outlets and that's what I did. The whole world will now be able to view it in its entirety. The on-the-street edition of JCN online, including the advertisements, which JCN's advertisers will not argue with because it means more publicity for them; good for the both of us, is out there!

The ongoing, online items that were always available are About Us, What's New, Services, Cool Links and Contact Us as well as Celiac FAQs, Kosher FAQs and E-zine Sign Up. I dropped Coming Soon! and I added Dine & Shop, Books & Mags, K-GF Vitamins, K-GF Meds, Quiz Corner and Organic Foods. I changed JCN Recipes to K-GF Recipes and will be making more changes as I go along, G-d willing.

If you wish to know more about how I got started, go to About Us and What's New.

Jewish Celiacs BlogIn and Celiac City

One of the things that I had always wanted to do was to have been able to reach out to a wider audience for Celiac Disease and Kosher food, so I created a blog and then another one; the first, to focus on the Kosher Celiac people and the second, to focus on those Celiacs who, for whatever reason, do not keep Kosher at all and are only concerned about Celiac Disease. First, I created Jewish Celiacs Blog-In and then later Celiac City, which I also wanted to be a podcast. Later, I will lay out what I plan to do with both blogs and the podcast in What's New.

I hope to have the podcast done before this Winter is out. If anyone wishes to write something about the subjects of Kashrut and Celiac Disease, go to Contact Us and let me know what you have in mind. I cannot pay because I have no real money at this time. This is not a capitalist venture, but neither am I looking for a loss, nor to go out of business, if you know what I mean. Shane!

Over the years, I have received many e-mails from people who asked me for help for themselves, their loved ones, or a friend with Celiac Disease, or Kosher dilemmas. I tried to be as helpful as possible though I am only a former U.S. Air Force medical tecnician and not a doctor, a nurse, or anyone of that stature. I want to thank everyone for their thank you e-mails and words of encouragement and that includes several physicians. I will print some of these letters on and off in Jewish Celiacs Newsletter beginning with the January 2007 edition. Thanks for dropping by and please look around to your heart's content. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, as always, put them down on paper, or type them out on your PC, or MAC, and e-mail me at when you get a minute.

Shalom aleichem.


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